Who We Are


Certified Raw Vegan and Whole Foods Chef
Member of Raw Chef Alliance of Canada
Integrative Nutrition Health Coach
 I am a dedicated Food Activist since I started my health journey in 2011.  It is hard to find a delicious raw, fermented sauerkraut today. This inspired me to share it with you. Our Kraut is delicious, fresh, local, raw and full of good probiotics.

I am a certified raw food chef through Pachavega. From there I learned how important raw foods and fermentation is for your body and health. I couldn't deal with how sauerkraut made in Canada was tricky to find and the flavors were so boring! I learned quickly
that sauerkraut does not have to be just "the
expected" but can be exciting and absolutely delicious. 
I have enjoyed the joy and taste that fermented foods have brought to my life and those around me. I love sharing  that with you and I would love to inspire you as well to eat more every day.



Food Activist / Farmer

Starting my personal food journey at the young age of 13 with vegetarianism, I’ve since explored many other food choices eventually bringing me to start my own family farm – providing fresh, local seasonal food for my family is now the cornerstone for our diets.

Joining the local community of Strathmore brought me to Tricia, who’s guided me on to fermented foods. As a mother of 3, and proud permaculture farmer I’m thrilled to be joining Holy Kraut. I’ve seen the difference in my own and family’s health since incorporating raw, and fermented foods and believe you will too. I stepped into the company at the end of the first year, and I i have really enjoyed it! I am very much looking forward to working with you and meeting you in the following years to come.