Dill pickle unpasteurized sauerkraut
Dill Pickle - Unpasteurized Kraut

Dill Pickle - Unpasteurized Kraut

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Salty and Brine Dill Pickles come together with fermented Sauerkraut for our most popular flavor! Close your eyes and you will think you are eating a dill pickle!

Our Kraut is made the old fashioned way and left to ferment with sea salt in glass vats. NO plastic barrels or preservatives. DID YOU KNOW: because we choose to not use any preservatives in our recipes our sauerkraut must be labeled as "Kraut"

Our Kraut is NEVER PASTEURIZED and is 100% RAW. Hand packed into glass jars with lids that are NOT sealed. Kraut is best consumed raw without any heat to allow for any naturally occurring bacteria to be consumed. We recommend refrigerating your kraut after it has traveled to you for long keeping. The salt content of the kraut allows the jars to be stored at room temperature and during shipping.

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