Frequently Asked Questions and Policies


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What is Sauerkraut?


Check out our entire page that is dedicated to what sauerkraut is!


I' purchased a jar of kraut that wasn't sealed..


Great NEWS! None of our jars are sealed. It even says so right on the front of the jar or on the lid label. Why? If we were to heat process the jars of sauerkraut in any way to create a seal, the temperature would kill the lactic acid probiotice bacteria that is occuring in the sauerkraut. If we did this, our sauerkraut would be just a salt pickle like the commonly found sauerkrauts are in the grocery store.


I' found mold on my sauerkraut..


Your sauerkraut creates its own happy environment inside the jar under the brine that is not favorable to mold bacteria. When or if a contaminant enters the jar, that contaminant may allow mold to find a place to grow.  To avoid this, always use a clean utensil to remove sauerkraut from the jar, and never put served sauerkraut back into the jar.


When will my order ship?


Your order if in stock will take 7-10 days for us to package it for you and ship. If you are picking up, look for an email from us within 4-7 days after purchase that your item is ready for pickup.


My order was damaged upon arrival


We hate to hear this. Unfortunately when shipping items like glass that are so fragile, it is possible for them to break. In that case, please send us a photo of the damaged item as it arrives, and the shipping box. We want to forward this to our shipper and keep it on file. Please email us within 4 days of the item being delivered so if we are able to assist you. Damaged items will be refunded or replaced at our discretion. Packages arriving damaged that have not been reported to us within 4 days will not be replaceable or refundable.


I purchased a SCOBY and after rehydration nothing happened..


Please send us an email with photos of your SCOBY situation and we will assist you as much as we can. Always follow the rehydration directions and continue onto a second batch to see how your SCOBY is holding up. If it is not successfully giving you Kombucha, we will mail you a new one. SCOBY when dried have a death rate, and maybe yours just didint survive sadly. Always share photos with us before discarding or giving up. We are here to help!


Can you ship sauerkraut to me?


At this time we do not ship sauerkraut. There are many variables to take into consideration when shipping our fragile kraut and we are not confident that it will arrive in perfect condition. We are looking into using Greyhound to deliver our kraut, if you want to work with us to have them deliver it, please let us know!

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